Top 5 Cloudberry Health benefits

Scientifically known as Rubus chamaemorus, cloudberry is very similar to raspberry. It is also known as yellow-berry, salmon berry, and baked apple berry. These berries are incredibly juicy and can be regarded as amber yellow relatives of raspberries. Normally, they are found in the subarctic regions, such as Canada, New England, and Scandinavia. These juicy little treats grow in mashes, bogs, and wed meadows, usually in mountainous regions. The plant is very sensitive to dry conditions. Cloudberries are usually too tart to eat fresh. When ripe, they have a sweetened flavor and particular creamy texture like yogurt. Cloudberries are often made into juices, jams, liqueurs and tarts. Whether you prefer to eat them fresh or with cheese and cream, there are countless cloudberry health benefits.